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Robert Miller is a customer experience specialist committed to helping people navigate the world of diabetes. He focuses on finding innovative tools and strategies that make diabetes management easier to support long-term wellness.

Is an A1c Calculator Reliable?

An A1c test is a valuable tool to assess how your diabetes management plan is working. But if you are accustomed to seeing your blood sugar levels represented in mg/dL or mmol/L, A1c test results can be...

2022-05-10T12:15:17-07:00May 6, 2022|

Why an Online eAG Calculator May Not Be Reliable

In recent years, a new term has emerged in the diabetes community: estimated average glucose (eAG). Understanding what eAG is can help you start a conversation with your healthcare provider about whether an estimated average glucose calculator could be a valuable addition to your diabetes management plan.

2022-04-07T11:23:41-07:00March 31, 2022|

Top Ways to Manage Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes as an Endurance Athlete

For people living with diabetes, staying active is a crucial element of maintaining physical health. But managing type 1 or type 2 diabetes as an endurance athlete can be challenging. Creating a plan to keep your blood sugar levels in check before, during, and after exercise can allow you to safely participate in the activities you enjoy.

2022-03-11T12:05:14-08:00March 11, 2022|

Which Finger Is Best to Test Blood Sugar?

When using a blood glucose monitor, it is important to get the most accurate readings possible to gain meaningful insight into your health and detect patterns in your blood glucose levels. The FDA mandates that results from self-monitoring blood glucose systems be within ±15% of lab results 95% of the time.

2022-01-18T22:43:14-08:00January 13, 2022|
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