Diabetes Gift Ideas for Your Athlete

Diabetes Gift Ideas for Your Athlete

Discreet, On-The-Go, All-In-One Glucose Checks

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a holiday, or just because, being mindful of both the receiver’s taste and their lifestyle can help you find the perfect present. For anyone from a professional endurance athlete to that friend who just started Couch to 5K, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best diabetes gift ideas for the athlete in your life.

Top Ten Diabetes Gift Ideas for Athletes

These gift ideas can make maintaining an active lifestyle a little easier for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes:

1. Fitness Watch

Fitness watches track a wide range of variables, including active minutes, sleep, heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken. These insights can help athletes with diabetes monitor workout intensity, check training progress, and even set an alert to let them know when they have reached their maximum calories burned to help avoid low blood sugar.

2. Fitness and Nutrition Journals

While many athletes are embracing technology, some still prefer a manual approach. The NewMe® fitness journal is the perfect place to record goals and track workouts, meals, calories, weight, body fat percentage, and more. This comprehensive fitness and nutrition journal can help any athlete manage their routine and see how it affects their blood glucose levels and overall health.

3. Insulin Pen Cooling Case

Keeping insulin safe and cool can be a challenge for athletes who are training or competing away from home. The FRIO® DUO Wallet is a lightweight, reusable cooling case that takes only 5–10 minutes to activate and can keep insulin at a safe temperature for at least 45 hours. Its insulating properties also protect insulin from cold. The DUO Wallet comes in a variety of sizes to fit both pens and syringes.

4. Foot Massager

Foot massagers, such as the TheraFlow® Dual Foot Massager, can provide relief from things like swelling and neuropathic pain after strenuous activity. They can also improve blood circulation.

5. Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System

One of the best diabetes gift ideas is a convenient and discreet way to check blood glucose levels. The POGO Automatic® Monitor is a one-step testing system with lancets and test strips built into 10-test cartridges. With this innovative technology, athletes can check their blood sugar with the press of a button, anywhere, anytime they choose. Measurements can be synced with the Patterns® for POGO Automatic app, which provides insight into how daily activities and nutrition affect glucose trends and makes diabetes management easier.

6. Insulin Pump Waist Belt

For athletes who want to work out with their insulin pump, an insulin pump waist belt can make a great gift. These belts allow athletes to move freely while knowing that their insulin pump is protected. The Diaband® waist insulin pump band provides a comfortable compression fit and features a custom pocket closure to secure the pump in place. It also has moisture-wicking technology to protect the device from sweat.

7. Performance Compression Socks

Compression socks can be helpful for any athlete, but they are particularly beneficial for athletes with diabetes. Performance compression socks, like those sold by Bombas®, do more than prevent aches and swelling; they’re also designed to keep feet cool and dry to help prevent infections and/or worsening sores, which can cause complications for people with diabetes.

8. Water Bottle

Hydration is essential for helping to prevent hypoglycemia during exercise. The Hydro Flask® is double insulated to keep water ice cold all day and comes with a straw lid to make on-the-go hydration as easy as possible. Another good option is HidrateSpark®, a water bottle that reminds the user when it’s time to take a sip and tracks water intake.

9. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are ideal for athletes with diabetes who need a hands-free way to carry supplies. The Waterfly® fanny pack is a convenient solution for storing everything your athlete needs, including their phone, blood glucose monitor, snacks, and a water bottle. The soft, breathable mesh contact surface means the Waterfly is comfortable for all-day wear, and it’s water resistant to keep belongings from getting wet.

10. Medical ID Bracelet

Medical ID bracelets give first responders vital information about the wearer’s health. Athletes with diabetes are at risk for hypoglycemia—low blood sugar—when doing strenuous activity and could become confused or need assistance. A medical ID bracelet, like those made by MedicAlert®, can help ensure they’ll be able to receive the appropriate treatment.

Give a Meaningful Gift

Athletes with diabetes have unique needs. With these diabetes gift ideas, you can show the athlete in your life just how much they mean to you, support their passion, and make their routine a bit easier.


Ready to Have Freedom at Your Fingertip?

POGO Automatic is the only FDA-cleared blood glucose monitor that lances and collects blood automatically, in one simple step, with its 10-test cartridge technology, eliminating the need to carry separate lancets and test strips. Reach out today to learn more about how you can check your blood glucose without interrupting your day.

 Jaclyn Owens, product director specializing in diabetes management tools

Jaclyn Owens

Jaclyn Owens is a product director specializing in diabetes management tools. She is committed to using technology to empower people with diabetes and help them take control of their health.

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