If you have Commercial Insurance, POGO Automatic® will be covered.
Medicare and Medicaid are currently not covered. Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage may be covered.
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If you have Commercial Insurance
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POGO Automatic®


POGO Automatic is FDA cleared, and FSA/HSA eligible.

POGO Automatic® cartridges are an all-in-one innovation that delivers 10 complete tests (per cartridge) with no separate lancets or tests strips.

Benefit from our subscription options
  • Ships automatically at the chosen frequency
  • Can be canceled at any time

Monitor Sold separately

POGO Automatic Monitor lets you test your blood glucose with the press of a button.

Free Shipping for orders in the U.S. within the 48 contiguous states, Washington D.C. and the Armed Forces (U.S. Postal Service).

*Products are not shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. If you are located in any of these areas, check with your local retail pharmacist to obtain your POGO Automatic Monitor and Cartridges.

POGO Automatic CartridgesPOGO Automatic Cartridges

The cartridge that makes your new freedom possible

You’ll never handle another lancet or strip again. They’re ready to use, inside this completely integrated monitor.

Blood glucose meter, lancing device, lancets, test strips

Remember all this baggage?

POGO Automatic Cartridges

You'll never have to remember it again

All your supplies are right here
Slide arrows to see what's inside each tiny POGO Automatic Cartridge.

A big idea in a very small package

Believe it or not, we built all your supplies for ten tests into this amazingly compact advanced-technology cartridge. After every tenth test, just pop a new cartridge in the monitor and off you go.

It’s That Simple.

Loading POGO Cartridge into POGO monitor

“Load and I’m good to go for ten tests. help me understand how this isn’t the easiest system available to people.”

Robert, POGO Automatic user, type 2 diabetes

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