Keeping employees engaged in diabetes management hasn’t always been easy.

Until now.

Disease Management Programs = High ROI

Compared to lifestyle management programs,
disease management programs deliver higher ROI1

Bar Graph Chart of Program ROI for Every $ Spent. Lifestyle Management Programs bar is $0.50 and Disease Management Programs bar is $3.80.

A comprehensive diabetes
management program that helps
employees stay engaged from Day One.

Enhances communication with employee’s entire healthcare team.

Photo of POGO Automatic Monitor

Removes barriers
to testing

Helps overcome reasons your employees don’t follow their diabetes regimen.

Photo of Patterns app for POGO Automatic


Tailored to engage each employee based on their needs and data.

Photo of support team


Provides coaching and engagement approaches proven to drive results.

Barriers to testing contribute
to low engagement

Traditional blood glucose meters create barriers that cause people with
diabetes to either postpone necessary tests or skip them entirely.

Test Strip
Handling Issues

Photo of a generic blood glucose meter with test strip.


have problems
handling test strips2


Photo of model.


face lifestyle disruptions with
current blood glucose meters2


Photo of generic blood glucose meter being used.


want blood glucose
testing to be simple3

POGO Automatic helps make common barriers to testing a thing of the past

With POGO Automatic, employees enjoy three benefits that could help them test more frequently.

Graphic image of a POGO Automatic Cartridge with graphic icons representing what is included inside each cartridge

Less Hassle

Employees never again have to handle separate lancets or separate test strips.

10 lancets and 10 test strips integrated into each convenient cartridge.

Photo of a female person eating a meal.


Employees automatically lance and test in seconds, without everyone noticing.

Photo of a hand testing using a POGO Automatic Monitor.


All the work of lancing and blood collection is automatically done for employees, simplifying testing.

Patterns® for POGO Automatic app helps employees seamlessly manage their diabetes

Get more value from every test.

Patterns syncs data from POGO Automatic to help employees easily interact with glucose results on their smartphone or computer.

See results in a whole new light.

Patterns provides easy-to-understand visuals that help employees focus on trends for better glucose management throughout their day.

Emergency notifications
provide new peace of mind.

In case of a blood glucose emergency, Patterns can automatically send alerts and suggested actions.

Personalized coaching increases engagement

Coaching tailored to each person.

Individualized live one-on-one coaching on topics matched to each employee’s needs, including health, nutrition, lifestyle, and/or fitness.

Regular appointments and check-ins with a highly-trained team.

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists create a step-by-step plan that is regularly reviewed with each employee. Employees can receive extra support between visits by video, phone, or email.

Powered by data.

Coaching is personalized based on testing data provided by the employee’s Patterns app, plus data from health assessments.

Logos of different supported apps for the Patterns app

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Our coaching effectiveness:
Proven in over 120 studies.5

Bar graph of participants achieving goals without medications within 3 months of program initiation.

Our coaching effectiveness:
Proven in over 120 studies.5

Bar graph of participants achieving goals without medications within 3 months of program initiation.

Employees feel better about their health. And about your benefits program.

“One of the main things I learned from using the [POGO Automatic Monitor] is how much stress impacts my blood glucose levels. I made good progress in managing my diabetes for the first few months of the coaching program. Then I had some personal challenges that increased my stress levels significantly. I didn’t realize that stress management is such a critical part of diabetes management.“

-Coaching program participant

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