Which Glucometer Has Bluetooth?

Which Glucometer Has Bluetooth?

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When it comes to routine blood glucose measurements, logging your results is critical. Keeping a log is the most efficient way to see how dietary changes, medication changes, and exercise affect your daily glucose patterns. But when life gets busy, it’s easy to get off track with your logging.

Finding a way to make the blood glucose monitoring process more convenient can help you stay on course. One of the best ways to do this is by switching to a Bluetooth® glucose meter. When paired with a designated app, a Bluetooth glucometer can automatically send your blood glucose measurements to your phone or anywhere else the app is installed, eliminating the need for manual data logging.

So, which glucometer has Bluetooth? Today, there are many options on the market, including the following:

  • POGO Automatic® Monitor
  • One Drop® glucose meter kit
  • OneTouch Verio Flex® meter
  • iHealth® Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System
  • Dario® All-in-One Smart Glucose Meter
  • AgaMatrix® Jazz Wireless 2 glucose meter

But not all Bluetooth glucometers are the same. Knowing what features to look for can help you make the best choice and get the most out of your meter.


What Is a Glucometer With Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth glucometer is a meter that can wirelessly connect to your smartphone or other smart device to capture and organize blood glucose data. It comes with an app that synchronizes the data for storage and creates a digital log of all recorded measurements. Glucometers with Bluetooth capabilities make diabetes management easier and more meaningful, especially for those who test frequently.

The Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Glucometer

Bluetooth glucometers offer multiple benefits that make managing your diabetes more convenient.

Automatic Data Syncing

After a Bluetooth meter is synchronized with your smart device, it will automatically add glucose readings to the app paired with it. You don’t have to write down your measurements or manually enter them into a digital logbook or separate app; the meter does it for you. Most apps associated with Bluetooth meters also easily integrate with other health apps to automatically update measurements across all your applications and smart devices.

Easy Pattern Tracking

Some apps associated with Bluetooth glucometers offer advanced tracking features that allow you to record insulin doses, hydration, carbohydrates, weight measurements, or even mood fluctuations, and they can pair with other health apps to consolidate all this information in one place. This gives you and your healthcare provider a more complete picture of your health and greater insight into the factors that positively or negatively affect your blood sugar readings.

Secure Data Sharing

The app that comes with your Bluetooth glucometer should allow you to securely share your data and customizable reports with your provider via your smartphone. These detailed reports should be easy to understand, and you shouldn’t have to flip through a logbook, explain your manual logging process, or even be in the same place as your healthcare provider.

Emergency Notifications

Some apps, such as the Patterns® app associated with the POGO Automatic Monitor, include features to keep you safe. If you have a low or high blood glucose emergency, Patterns will automatically send you notifications with information on what you can do to avoid serious health risks. As an added layer of safety, it can also alert your emergency contacts if you don’t respond.

These benefits allow you to more easily manage your diabetes, and they support your overall health. They also can help your healthcare provider evaluate your treatment plan and make any necessary adjustments.

It?s important to correctly pair your Bluetooth glucometer with your smartphone or the suggested app by following the directions for your specific device. Some Bluetooth glucometers also require that the paired app stay open in the background while you use your device throughout the day. Following these instructions will help ensure that your glucose measurements are tracked properly.


Which Glucometer Has Bluetooth and Works Best for You?

Knowing which glucometers have Bluetooth and exploring the features included in the apps can help you choose a meter that fits your lifestyle. Some glucose monitors, such as the POGO Automatic Monitor, include data apps with user-friendly visuals that help you understand your glucose patterns and trends, make smarter lifestyle choices, and assess how your treatment plan is working. Switching to a Bluetooth glucometer gives you an easier way to track and understand your glucose levels to help you take charge of your health.


Ready to Have Freedom at Your Fingertip?

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 Jaclyn Owens, product director specializing in diabetes management tools

Jaclyn Owens

Jaclyn Owens is a product director specializing in diabetes management tools. She is committed to using technology to empower people with diabetes and help them take control of their health.

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