Barriers to Testing

Many people don't test enough

Even with the advancements in today's new diabetes therapies and monitoring devices, the majority of Americans with diabetes are still unable to reach the treatment targets recommended by their doctors and the American Diabetes Association. Over time, the disease can exact a devastating toll on personal health.

  • Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the US.
  • It's the main cause of new cases of blindness, kidney failure and amputations.
  • Diabetes doubles the risk for death and shortens the average life span by up to 15 years.

Why people don't test more frequently

Unfortunately, most people with diabetes still find it difficult to test as often as they should. Many cite inconvenience as the primary reason. Others simply get tired of testing day in, day out.

The difficulty of not being able to test discreetly also plays a role in infrequent testing – especially in the workplace and in schools – on the go. Even with millions of tests conducted every day, some people still react negatively to not only the sight of blood, but also the presence of needles and the disposal of testing supplies.

Source: American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Only half of diabetes patients in the US are achieving the American Diabetes Association's guidelines for glycemic control.

— Annals of Internal Medicine

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