Company Overview


Who we are

Intuity Medical, headquartered in Fremont, CA, was founded with the mission of simplifying diabetes management for persons living with diabetes. We have developed the first automatic blood glucose monitoring system designed to make testing easy, convenient and discreet.

Through innovative and proprietary technology, Intuity's POGO® Automatic™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System aims to transform blood glucose testing. The meter is designed to give patients greater discretion and flexibility to test anytime, anywhere. 


Intuity Medical is not related to or affiliated with Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

Our vision

The Intuity Medical team has been intimately involved with diabetes for many years. While we have witnessed a multitude of significant advances in how people manage their diabetes, we know there are still many barriers to controlling the disease. We believe we are developing a vastly simplified blood glucose monitoring system that eliminates a majority of the most common barriers to testing.


It's our goal to create a vastly simplified glucose monitoring system that eliminates most of the everyday barriers to frequent testing.

— Intuity Medical, Inc.

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