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We want the entire experience to be simple and encouraging from day one. So we’ve created a simple, step-by step experience to help your patients get their new monitor and cartridges, learn to use the system, and complete the first of many successful tests.

POGO Automatic Monitor and Cartridges

Easy to Get

It’s available online at,
and in-person at Kroger and its affiliated pharmacies, CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, Sam’s Club, Costco, HEB, and many other retail pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies.

Easy to Use

Load a 10-test cartridge and turn monitor on.

Press finger on test port to lance and test.

See results
in seconds.

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Common Questions

Coverage and Reimbursement

When you write a POGO Automatic Cartridge prescription (Rx), if your patients have private insurance, they will be eligible for a no-cost monitor and pay no more than $59 for up to 150 tests (15 cartridges) per prescription through our Prescription Savings Card Program. This program is subject to change or discontinuation at any time.

If your patient is already insured by a government healthcare program, including Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or the military, they are not eligible for the Savings Program offer mentioned above.

Additionally, POGO Automatic Monitor and Cartridges are eligible for purchase at the POGO Store using your patients’ Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).


Your patients can purchase POGO Automatic Monitors and Cartridges or fill their prescription at most retail pharmacies in the United States—including Kroger and affiliated pharmacies, CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, Sam’s Club, Costco, HEB, and many other retail pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies.

If POGO Automatic Monitors and Cartridges are not available on the shelf at their local pharmacy, your patients can simply ask the pharmacist to order the product for them.

Your patients can also buy POGO Automatic Monitors and Cartridges online at (no prescription needed).

POGO Automatic Monitoring System

The POGO Automatic Monitor, unlike traditional blood glucose meters, lets patients test their blood glucose with the press of a button; no separate lancing device is required. Patients simply press the test port for auto lancing and blood collection and after a short countdown receive a blood glucose result.

The POGO Automatic Monitor and POGO Automatic Test Cartridge together make up the POGO Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Everything patients need to test their blood glucose is contained in the POGO Automatic Test Cartridge. No separate lancing device is required. Each cartridge combines 10 test strips and 10 lancets.

Inside the package, patients will find the following:

POGO Automatic Monitor
POGO Automatic Owner’s Manual
POGO Automatic Quick Start Guide
Warranty Registration Card
Two AAA batteries

POGO Automatic Test Cartridges sold separately.
Each cartridge contains 10 tests and 10 lancets.

At glucose concentrations of <75 mg/dL, 100% of POGO Automatic self-test glucose results were within ±15 mg/dL of the reference YSI results.

At glucose concentrations of ≥75 mg/dL, 99% of POGO Automatic glucose results were within ±20% of the reference YSI results.

Blood glucose monitors are expected to have an accuracy of ±15% compared to the value on a laboratory-based reference system. Accuracy requirements are set out in FDA’s guidance entitled “Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Test System for Over-the-Counter Use.” As explained in the cartridge insert, the POGO Automatic Monitoring System meets the expected ±15% accuracy.

The POGO Automatic Monitor measures only 4″ x 2″ x 1.5″ and weighs 3.4 ounces with batteries, so it easily fits in a pocket or purse without the need to also carry a test case full of supplies.

No. POGO Automatic is a self-coding blood glucose monitor. It automates blood collection and provides test results. Patients do only one simple step.

Patterns® for POGO Automatic App

Patterns is our free app that connects a POGO Automatic Monitor to a smartphone via Bluetooth. A web version connects a monitor to a computer via USB cable. It makes it easy for your patients to sync and track glucose results, and share them with healthcare providers, family, and friends. Patterns is available for free download to their phone at the Apple and Android app stores.

Go to If your practice is new to the Patterns Provider Portal, select “Registration” and fill in the necessary information about your practice. If your practice is already set up in the Patterns Provider Portal, select “Sign In” to log into your account.


Display: LCD with backlight

Test time: 4-second countdown

Memory capacity: 500 test results

Test averages: 7, 14, 30, 90 days

Blood sample size: 250 nanoliters (.25 microliters)

Battery: Two AAA alkaline batteries (do not use rechargeable)

Battery life: Approximately 500 tests

Data transfer: Bluetooth to Patterns app; USB to Patterns website

Size: 4″ x 2″ x 1.5″

Weight: 3.4 ounces with batteries

Unit of measure: mg/dL

Result range: 220-500 mg/dL

Operating temperature: 50°F – 104°F

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