How can you help your members have better control over their diabetes?

It’s easier than you think.

Introducing POGO Automatic®

A complex problem.
A simple solution.

Today, half of diabetes patients don’t manage their A1c well. But it’s not exactly their fault. Because current blood glucose meters create barriers that keep patients from testing whenever they choose to.1,2

But now there’s a new solution:

The problem: It’s hard for patients to
follow testing recommendations.1,2

Traditional blood glucose meters create barriers that can cause
patients to either postpone necessary tests or skip them entirely.

POGO Automatic helps make common barriers to testing a thing of the past

With POGO Automatic, patients enjoy three benefits that could help them test more frequently.

Less Hassle

Patients never have to handle separate lancets or test strips again.

10 lancets and 10 test strips integrated
into each convenient cartridge.


Patients automatically lance and test in seconds, without everyone noticing.


Automatically does all the work of lancing and blood collection for patients, simplifying testing.

A simplified testing experience

Photo of POGO Automatic Monitor with cartridge being loaded into monitor.

Load a 10-test cartridge
and turn monitor on.

Photo of someone testing using a POGO Automatic Monitor

Press finger on test port
to lance and test.

Photo of someone getting their blood glucose result on a POGO Automatic Monitor

See results
in seconds.

Real-world user feedback
validates POGO Automatic’s
impact on reducing barriers.

Requires less blood than
other traditional meters

This is more than a meter. Our Patterns
app enables early intervention during low
and high glucose events.

Patterns automatically escalates alerts to prompt action, potentially
helping avoid more serious and costly events.

Click here to see how removing barriers to
testing can help improve patient outcomes.