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If you have Private Health Insurance
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Big idea in pocket-sized package

  • One-Step™ technology lets you test in seconds

  • Only one thing to carry

  • Less blood than other traditional meters. And now 6 different lance levels.

  • Free app displays results on your phone

  • FDA-cleared. No Rx needed

  • No device sticking to your body

POGO Automatic®


POGO Automatic is FDA cleared and FSA/HSA eligible.

POGO Automatic Monitor lets you test your blood glucose with the press of a button. And with the new customizable levels, you can now choose from 6 different lance options for a more personalized experience.

Cartridges Sold separately

POGO Automatic® cartridges are an all-in-one innovation that delivers 10 complete tests (per cartridge) with no separate lancets or tests strips.

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*Products are not shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. If you are located in any of these areas, check with your local retail pharmacist to obtain your POGO Automatic Monitor and Cartridges.

Using Our Automatic Blood Sugar Monitor

With the POGO Automatic Monitor, blood sugar testing is simpler. To check blood sugar levels with our automatic blood sugar monitor, simply turn the monitor on and place your finger on the test port. The monitoring system will automatically lance, collect blood, and give you accurate results quickly. It’s really that simple.

Easily fits in a purse or pocket.

We built all of the supplies for ten tests into an amazingly compact cartridge, no separate lancets or test strips needed.