You're good to Pogo.

Discreet, on-the-go, all-in-one glucose testing.

There's a simpler way to check your blood glucose.

Press Once. GO!

Don't excuse yourself just to check your glucose

With the all-in-one POGO Automatic® Monitor, you don't need a private place to check your glucose. Now you can test wherever you choose.

Want a less visible way to test?

Our FDA-cleared all-in-one blood glucose monitoring system automatically collects and tests blood glucose levels. We built all of the supplies for ten tests into an amazingly compact cartridge, no separate lancets or test strips needed. Simply turn the monitor on and place your finger on the test port.

Ready to Pogo?
Order your all-in-one monitor today!

There are multiple ways to get your own POGO Automatic, you can:

Order with your private health insurance*

through our pharmacy.

Purchase without insurance

through our website.

* Medicare Part B is now covered, we are working with several large pharmacies to fulfill POGO Automatic. Medicaid is currently not covered.

You can also download a prescription document to share with your healthcare provider

Customizable Lance Settings

POGO Automatic puts the choice at your fingertips.

Everyone has a Goldilocks zone. The space in between too much and too little. That's why POGO Automatic has launched the new customizable levels for lancing.

You can now choose from 6 different lance levels to find the one that fits your needs. If you're not getting enough blood from the fingerstick, consider selecting a higher level. If the fingerstick is uncomfortable for you, consider selecting a lower level.

Of course there's an app for this.

Track & manage your data with our free Patterns® app. It automatically syncs to your POGO Automatic so you can instantly see the results on your smartphone or computer. Additionally, Patterns can import data and share your glucose readings with AppleHealth®.

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