Is There a Blood Glucose Meter That Doesn’t Use Test Strips?

Is There a Blood Glucose Meter That Doesn’t Use Test Strips?

Discreet, On-The-Go, All-In-One Glucose Checks
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Keeping track of your blood glucose monitoring device, test strips, and lancets can be a major inconvenience, especially when you’re away from home. You might wonder whether there’s a blood glucose meter that doesn’t use test strips. If you need simple testing on the go or more privacy in your day-to-day professional life, or you just want a more user-friendly device, finding the answer can make your testing routine more manageable.

So, Is There a Blood Glucose Meter That Doesn’t Use Individual Test Strips?

Yes. The POGO Automatic® Monitor replaces separate test strips and lancets with an all-in-one cartridge that houses both lancets and test strips. You don’t need to load a lancet and test strip, prick your finger, and try to place the correct amount of blood on the test strip. You simply press a button with the finger to be lanced to begin the automatic lancing and blood collection process, then wait a few seconds to see your results.

Advantages of an All-In-One Glucose Monitor

Switching to an all-in-one glucose monitor has advantages beyond freedom from individual test strips and lancets.

Ease of Use

The simplicity of turning your device on, pressing a button, and seeing your results helps you easily test your glucose levels on the go. No longer do you need to find a practical place to sit, pull out multiple components, and load your device, which gives you more freedom and significantly reduces the overall time you spend testing. Simply press a button, and the rest is done for you.


The POGO Automatic Monitor allows you to preload your device with a cartridge, which means the only thing you have to carry around with you is the monitor. You can easily test in a matter of seconds and even use the device without removing it from your bag or briefcase. Discreet, on-the-go testing makes your daily testing routine less of a hassle.

Easy Disposal of Test Materials

POGO Automatic Cartridges are not only all-in-one cartridges, they’re ten-test cartridges. This means that each cartridge can be used for ten blood glucose tests, allowing you to test freely throughout the day. Disposing of a cartridge is more convenient than disposing of separate test strips and sharp, used lancets; because the used materials are concealed, you can easily dispose of the used cartridge after you’ve done ten tests without having to find a sharps container.

The POGO Automatic Monitor also requires only 0.25 microliters of blood for a test, less than many other traditional blood glucose meters on the market.

Finding the Most Convenient Blood Glucose Meter for You

Bringing more convenience to your diabetes management is the most effective way to make sure you stay on track with your treatment plan. An all-in-one glucose monitor makes checking your blood sugar easier, more discreet, and more comfortable, which helps you test more regularly to better manage your diabetes.


Ready to Have Freedom at Your Fingertip?

POGO Automatic is the only FDA-cleared blood glucose monitor that lances and collects blood automatically, in one simple step, with its 10-test cartridge technology, eliminating the need to carry separate lancets and test strips. Reach out today to learn more about how you can check your blood glucose without interrupting your day.

 Robert Miller, customer experience specialist

Robert Miller

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